Friday, 26 December 2014


A couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend and I (yes, I have a girlfriend, calm down) finally got our asses down to London to drool over Tracey Emin's exhibition of her never seen before 2014 works at The White cube gallery, entitled 'The last great adventure in you'. For me, this was an experience I had been longing for. My first real Emin... the thought of being in the presence of her work was a dream and as I excitedly tip toed around the  gallery, headphones in, Blood Orange  and FKA Twiggs pooooring into my ears... it was heaven. 

There was a variety of work on display, from neons and embroideries to painting's and sculptures.  A whole feast of Emin in every room. 

Before you click on the link and immerse yourself in Emin, I advise you to fine your zen within FKA Twigs (the bitch SLAYS). Twigs first, then Emin. Go.



Alice in London

Myself and my favourite piece 
Alice and Emin
My love

Sunday, 30 November 2014

The pressure of the first post.

T.REX - Main Man - I'm kicking this shit off with Bolan which is in no way an attempt to distract you from picking up on any mistakes as I take my first baby steps into the world that is blogging (deep breaths). OK so I decided I needed somewhere to store all the mess and creativity that I carry around inside my head. I am a 17 year old fashion student, paint brush in one hand, needle in the other. I use art and fashion as my life support. I can loose myself often with bad and good but I hope to use this virtual diary as a way to keep inspired and to inspire. I will be posting all things that I feel the world should be aware of aka I'm being completely self absorbed and somewhere along the line have had the epiphany of 'hey i'm pretty cool, I SHOULD WRITE A BLOG'. Sorry 'bout it.

Are Bolan's dulcet tones making love to your ear drums? Thank me later.

My name is Rene Theophane, I live in the south east of England. As I have said I'm a 17 year old fashion student bla bla whatever. I'm a bisexual feminist with insane taste in music and dreams of studying menswear design at University.  Welcome to the blog bitches.

See selfie enclosed below, shout out to Mum for the rad turtleneck.